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Shukubo experience at KAMISU
​ Ebisan Choshoji Temple

​ Drum can bath experience at the temple! ?

H26.10・12・神栖市・太田392・長照寺 (2).JPG
Takehito Yoshimoto, the chief priest of Ebisan Choshoji Temple, who is a member of this project, is active as a rakugo storyteller, Uryantei Minami Yumei, whose master is Sanyutei Enso. In addition, since he is the secretary of the Kamisu City Tourism and Products PR Council and the vice chairman of the Hasaki High School Support Association, he has provided “shukubo” to more than 50 children and students a year, and has held a drum bath experience and a student experience. We provide communication and reading comprehension guidance through rakugo, and career assistance, etc., and we plan to further expand this project by linking it with the farm stay experience.
​The chief priest is very talkative and very funny!
​ What a real rakugo storyteller!
Choshoji Temple also has the face of a place of relaxation where everyone in the area wants to gather.
Once inside, it's really fun!

Let's go to the Omeko Festival!

The Omeko Festival is held in Kamisu City every year on the second Saturday of November and the following day. Its official name is ``Nichiren Shonin Goeshiki,'' and its original name was ``Gomeinichiko,'' which gradually changed from ``Omeiko'' to ``Omeko.'' It seems that he did. Every year at this time, famous celebrities, comedians, and talents are welcomed, and it is a great excitement. Of course, the chief priest's rakugo is also a must-see!

* "During the peak of the Omekko Matsuri, it prospered greatly, with a temporary shuttle steamship being operated to improve access from Chiba Prefecture.

After that, due to the absence of a successor to the temple's chief priest, the Omekko Festival entered a long period of stagnation. .Three years later, in 2006, the "Omeko Festival" was revived, and now events such as speed-eating contests and catching contests are held using melons and green peppers, which are specialties of the prefecture.

The annual omeko festival is a blast!
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