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Crossing the Tone River and entering another world
the sun, the sea, the wind, and
At KAMISU, which has a long history

Find a new you!

Nohaku is a farming, mountain and fishing village where you can enjoy a unique lifestyle experience and interact with the people of the rural area. It is a trip to stay in rural areas where you can enjoy the charm. Let's make good memories that will stay in our hearts. I'll be waiting for you at Kamisu.

​100km by car from the city center
A warm climate welcomes you all year round facing the magnificent Pacific Ocean
FireShot Capture 019 - 私たちについて|WINDS BASE -
Delicious vegetables, fruits, and marine products are waiting for you at the tourist farm 

Natural Conditions of Kamisu City

agri new winds tourist farm

Waves of Hasaki coast that are friendly to beginner surfers
​ Dare to take on the challenge! ?
The flat terrain is ideal for sports such as jogging, cycling, rugby, and soccer, and there are many facilities.

​Surfing circumstances

​Sports tourism

​The latest with indoor pool, concert hall, etc.
Anyone can use the multi-purpose facility "Kamisu Disaster Prevention Arena"
At "Ikisu Shrine", one of the three power spots in the Togoku region,
Be sure to visit Kashima Jingu and Katori Jingu together!

Kamisu Disaster Prevention Arena Facility Information

Ikisu Shrine

Kamisu Disaster Prevention Arena

Ikisu Shrine


Harvest experience

In collaboration with farmers who run solar sharing that combines solar power generation and farms, we provide a farming experience where you can experience sustainability (SDGs). In addition, we have partnered with long-established inns and restaurants (restaurants, soba restaurants, izakayas, etc.) that have been around since the Meiji era, and you can enjoy dishes using abundant local vegetables, fruits, and fresh seafood caught at Hasaki fishing port in the city. start.


Shukubo experience

The chief priest of Ebisan Choshoji Temple, Takehito Yoshimoto, is also active as a rakugo storyteller, Yumei Yunyantei Minami. In addition to offering a “shukubo,” we offer drum can bath experiences, communication and reading comprehension guidance through rakugo for students, and career assistance.


sports experience

Taking advantage of the geographical advantage of being 100km from the city center, you can experience sightseeing of historic sites such as Togoku Sansha and Suigo Santo, as well as "Workation" using advanced sports facilities. Taking advantage of the flat terrain with no ups and downs, you can also participate in sports bike riding classes taught by professional athletes affiliated with cycle shops, as well as jogging and running events.

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