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Cycling with KAMISU
Surfing with KAMISU
Golf at KAMISU
​ At KAMISU...? ?

Kamisu City has the largest coastal industrial area in the prefecture, but on the other hand, you can enjoy a very rich nature. If you run not only along the river but also along the sea, there are many highlights such as a group of industrial complexes and a huge wind power generation (large windmill!).
For those who enjoy cycling, the area is endlessly flat, making it a bike-friendly and extremely easy-to-ride environment.
​ American-style golf courses are also nearby.
This is Kamisu City, where each person can have their own way of enjoying themselves.


Cycling along the Tone River


​ Cycling along the coast


​ Visit the complex!


Take a break on the terrace of the arena

Surfing at Hasaki Beach

​ Golf with friends!

Kamisu City Riverside Cycling Road

Along the Tone River in the city, there is a cycling road with a total length of about 15 kilometers where bicycles can comfortably ride. You can enjoy cycling and jogging comfortably while enjoying the scenery full of nature and the soft breeze from the river and the sea.

It is maintained from Wanigawa Bridge in Kamisu City to Ota (near the Takarayama intersection).

Wanigawa Bridge is about 5 minutes from the Higashi Kanto Expressway Itako IC, and about 10 minutes by taxi from Itako Station on the JR Kashima Line.

Kamisu Central Park/Kamisu Disaster Prevention Arena

Kamisu Disaster Prevention Arena in Kamisu Central Park is a very beautiful facility that was just completed in 2019. Although it is a sports facility, it is positioned as a regional disaster prevention base and has a role as an evacuation center and relief space in the event of a disaster. It can be used not only by citizens but also for sightseeing and work, and events are held every season.

Kamisu Central Park is 8.3 km from the Itako Interchange on the Higashi Kanto Expressway and takes about 10 minutes. By train, take a taxi from Omigawa Station on the JR Narita Line or Kashima Jingu Station on the JR Kashima Line for 15 to 20 minutes.

Wild Duck Country Club

Ample distance of over 7,000 yards and various pressures are arranged in a garden-like landscape. The wind from Kashimanada, the beauty of the landscape with ponds full of water, and the subtle undulations of the fairway, all players from beginners to advanced players can enjoy a satisfying golf experience. It's a place.

​For example, there are sightseeing courses like this

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