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​Togoku Sansha Tour

Ikisu Shrine (Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture) is known as one of the three Togoku shrines along with Kashima Shrine (Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture) and Katori Shrine (Katori City, Chiba Prefecture). This triangle is said to be a powerful power spot and is gaining popularity among tourists.

During the Edo period, when pilgrimage to Ise Shrine was popular, people living in the Kanto region and north had a custom of visiting the three shrines of the Togoku region, including Kashima Jingu and Katori Jingu, and Ikusu Jingu, on their way home from visiting Ise Jingu..
This "Togoku Sansha Meguri" was a journey that gathered precious faiths and was called "Ise pilgrimage to the three shrines" in the Edo period.
All three companies are painted in vermilion. I can imagine the people of Edo devoutly praying.

This area called Suigo is also a land full of water rich atmosphere centered on Tone River, Hitachi Tone River, Lake Kasumigaura. During the Edo period, boat transportation on the Tone River was not only useful for transporting goods, but it was also heavily used by travelers. It is said that the banks of the Ikisu Shrine were bustling with people from all over the country who were visiting the three shrines of the Togoku region and those on a sightseeing tour of the Shimotone River area.

If you come to Kamisu, be sure to visit the three shrines to power up!


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This is the triangle power spot!


Ikisu Shrine
Kamisu City,
Ibaraki Prefecture

It is the smallest of the three shrines, and you can visit it calmly. The straight approach to the main shrine through the second torii is very comfortable. The first torii is on the river bank a little further away, but if possible, I'd like to stretch my legs and visit it. Right next to the torii gate is the Oshishioi spring, one of Japan's three sacred waters. If you drink it, you can also store power in your body.


​Kashima Shrine
Kashima City,
Ibaraki Prefecture

It is one of the oldest shrines in Japan and boasts a history of over 2,600 years. The god Takemikazuchi is enshrined here, and according to mythology, he was very active in ruling the earth.
When you pass through the majestic torii, you will be greeted by a spectacular group of trees, creating a mysterious atmosphere.


Katori Shrine
Katori City,
Chiba Prefecture

​Like Kashima Jingu, it boasts a history of over 2,600 years. According to the Engishiki Jinmyocho, only three shrines, Ise Jingu, Kashima Jingu, and Katori Jingu, were called by the title of ``Jingu'' during the Heian period. Surrounded by old times, the precincts are very mysterious and make you forget your daily life for a while. Behind the vermilion-lacquered main hall, the black and gold prayer hall has a profound feeling and is a masterpiece.

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