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Agriculture + Workation at KAMISU

The way we work and live is changing from telework to “workation”. Workers in the Tokyo metropolitan area who have taken My Farm Co., Ltd.'s online farming education while staying at accommodation facilities affiliated with the city will experience the joy of growing crops at Kamisu's hands-on farm on weekends, which will help them become more involved in agriculture. Through this agricultural experience, you can deepen your understanding, learn about the power to see the truth and the process of things, feel how to live in harmony with the grandeur of nature, and feel the “awareness” that is lacking in all people living on the earth today. We will strive to provide

Long-term stay at a local ryokan or private lodging facility


Farming experience from early morning to mid-morning

A day in Kamisu

Telework during the day

After work, enjoy local cuisine and
Relax with local sake

On holidays, visit Kamisu and visit three shrines in the eastern part of Japan.


Minpaku Inn Mokka

This is a rental accommodation facility overlooking the Tone River. It is close to the experience farm and can be used for various purposes such as family, girls' association, small group training camp, and workation. You can enjoy cycling and jogging on the Tone River embankment.






Farm stay

It is a style that is taken care of by a general farmer's house. Not only can you experience farm work together, but you can also deepen your bond by sharing food and sleeping together.

It will become an irreplaceable second home.


 Water garden resortCamp & Marina

I want to thoroughly enjoy rural life! For those who say, we will guide you to the Water garden resort camp & marina.

​After the farming experience, you can spend a fun time cooking the freshly harvested vegetables at the campsite.


Suzuka Ryokan

suzuka 看板.jpg

For those who want to stay at a ryokan in a relaxed manner even in a rural area, we will introduce nearby ryokan. Founded in the Meiji period, Suzuka Ryokan is the oldest inn in the Hasaki district of Kamisu City. Located right next to the Tone River, it was once popular as a steam lodge where steamboats stopped. The sunset over the Tone River, which can be seen from the guest rooms and baths, is spectacular. It was fully renovated in the summer of 2010, and the entire building is equipped with wireless internet, making it ideal for workcations.

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